This years robot day

2011-08-12 22:16:21 by LaserKarl

Theres one reason for why I didn't do a robot day-entry for this year.

Last year I lost to some fanboy that did a full out newgrounds-related image with no imagination besides newgrounds-related stuff, that won over mine. I dont want to sound like an asshole, but if thats what the jury wants, I, no matter what the juury consist of, want no part of it. Fuck pop-culture, long live artistic talent. I havent even followed this years competition.

Fuck mindlessness.

Lyckans Undulat

2009-12-29 11:03:59 by LaserKarl

WIP - update

Theres a gap in the middle of it, I intend to fill it up with something awesome, I promise.

Been working on this from time to time for more than a year now. One day I'll finish it.

The flying scene is a huge pain in the ass btw, it gives me a headache each time I work on it. Haha.

Feel free to comment or critique or whatever.

Lyckans Undulat

2009-05-21 10:00:22 by LaserKarl


Music you should listen to

2008-12-17 13:37:42 by LaserKarl

The albums Pioneer, Chiptek and Coloris are awesome.

Have a nice day.