Entry #4

This years robot day

2011-08-12 22:16:21 by LaserKarl

Theres one reason for why I didn't do a robot day-entry for this year.

Last year I lost to some fanboy that did a full out newgrounds-related image with no imagination besides newgrounds-related stuff, that won over mine. I dont want to sound like an asshole, but if thats what the jury wants, I, no matter what the juury consist of, want no part of it. Fuck pop-culture, long live artistic talent. I havent even followed this years competition.

Fuck mindlessness.


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2011-08-12 22:40:35

pfft yeah i know that feeling, my golden spiral flame decorated porcelain trim laced chinese puzzle box lost out to a bland fugly green couch and lame white room with darklight shading WITH NO TEXTURES.

i got honorable mention out of pitty but they said only IN CLASS students could place 1st 2nd or 3rd in the competition. i was the only one who wasn't in the 3D class to participate...

Moral of the story? College competitions are always rigged shit fests.
i feel for yeh bro.



2011-08-12 23:30:08

That's the spirit!


2011-08-12 23:36:23

I did enjoy your RD entry.

And yes it does suck to lose out to what may feel to be less original and more popular.

That said, in any case of artistic competition, one would hope that the satisfaction you feel from accomplishing a wonderful piece of art is enough of a reward.

Creating art for money are prizes leaves a very small window of happiness for the art you create.

(Updated ) LaserKarl responds:

I enjoyed doing my piece, but I thought the theme was robots, not newgrounds.

And, I dont want to be part of some huge advertisment.


2011-08-13 00:05:35

Fuck minds.


2011-08-13 00:27:37

You should use this to your advantage.

Make something epic with ng characters.


2011-08-13 03:05:12

i agree. most of the art on front page is fan art shit about things i could care less about. front page and competitions are always going to have bias and i can understand it for viral flash movies with HILARIOUS jokes but for still image art submissions? there should be a little more effort in pushing more original paintings etc.


2011-08-13 03:08:04

for example: why the FUCK is leo and satan fan art always on the front page? have they considered putting that other artists' work up instead? probably not


2011-08-13 10:09:35

Writing on toilet walls is the purest form of art since it is done neither for financial rewards nor critical acclaim.
You're still my no. 1 karl ;)... you should join the new chow... I'm sure you'll win that eh!?


2011-11-02 01:46:40

come back!


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