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Troll Physics Collab Troll Physics Collab

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Workable idea, poor execution

I really like how you protect yourself against bad reviews by claiming the "jokes" flew over the heads of the reviewers. That's a really nice way to put down critisism. Good going guys.

This is a good idea. I can see how this could've been really funny. Unfortunaly it wasn't. I seldom laugh at the concept of troll physics though, so I don't blame this on you. I'll try to avoid this subject in this review.

Watching all of these in a row was a difficult task. You should've helped eachother to get a higer quality in every clip. For example the troll face, that was kind of a running theme, seemed like it had a different quality in almost every clip. The graphics was unevenly balanced, involving everything from pure tweening to fbf mixed up with texture graphics. Though, I cant blame you on that point because, as you said, it was meant to have low quailty overall. Personally I don't think working towards low quality is a good idea ever. I experience it as lazyness. I would've enjoyed this collab more if it had a higher level of graphics.

Timing was also a hard thing to grasp. Every movie had its own flow, and music. Everything from slow (and over-used) songs, to hard up-beat things with a lot of bass. This mixed in with many moments of silence. Even though all movies used roughly the same number of steps to explain its troll physics, some was much longer than others.
If you want a good collab you should've keep an ongoing steady pace. This is the job of the collab organizer. I've been part of collabs thats been very undetermined on that point, and it really brings down the result overall.

Its not good to defend yourself against this kind of critisism. You've been working with this since october, as you point out. Its not something to be proud of.

Oh, and if you want, you can rant at me for not being 100% awesome at the english language btw, I don't mind, and I see that you enjoy that kind of behavior.

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sleep mind, sleep sleep mind, sleep

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Danmed cane-man.

This is golden. I would never thought of animating those thoughts that actually stops you from falling asleep. Even though you're tierd, you like start to dream while still awake, and for some reason you think you can't sleep until the ladybug in the cage standing on the doorknob has flewn, or the cane-man goes away.

Your dialouge catches that greatly, and the animation fits, even though its not the most advanced style, with that dialouge very nicely.

Good job. I hope you're still animating, or at least plan on picking it up again.

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allemansing responds:

I remember you. I remember admiring your stuff quite alot, and once asking you to review my Ryan & Cloud flash. I looked at your Lyckans Undulat WIP, and it was pretty damn awesome, even though i didnt understand a thing what it was all about.
Thanks alot for your compliments, glad you understood it (contrary to the guy before you). I was really unsure before, during and after making this flash whether it was actually a good idea, and whether it would actually work. Even when it was done and I submitted it i wasnt sure whether it was my best work or just something abit strange. After seeing that i managed to communicate the feeling of these situations (something i hardly manage to do even when just talking to someone) i decided it was probably my best flash.
Strangely, after this one i did a very mediocre and lazy one about a potato (George), started up a quite ambitious project, got tired of it halfway through and then i stopped animating. Its probably cause I moved to france for a year and decided that i didnt want to spend time here animating stuff, but profit from the experience.
Right now, im going home to sweden in a couple of weeks. I have some tiny ideas i might turn into little flashes, and i might just finish off my ambitious project, because i hate the idea of having worked so much for absolutely nothing, but i think my most amibitious days of animating flash movies are over. It takes too much time and i dont really feel talented enough for animating to motivate all that work.
Im however happy that i've learnt how to use the program and developed my skills, and im proud of some of the stuff ive done, so i hope ill get some real use of it some day.

Wow. That was a very long response.

Lycka till med ditt eget animerande! :)
/Jonas Modin

Coldplay - Don't Panic Coldplay - Don't Panic

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice collection

Are everyone doing these collection flashes now?..

Much detailed work left unfinished and then put into one flash huh? I know that feeling :)

artville responds:

iknow... many people are doing them lately, but i enjoy watching them, though... Thanks for nice rating!

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Newgrounds Worm Newgrounds Worm

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Has it really been 3 years?

Awesome seeing this finished! Great thing to be a part of.

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Four Second Frenzy Four Second Frenzy

Rated 3 / 5 stars


It could have been much greater. I didnt understand half of the games, the instructions werent the best so to say.

Still a good game, make the next sequal even better :)

Cursor Thief live Cursor Thief live

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Man i love this one.

(keeping the review as simple as the flash)

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Naked Contrast Naked Contrast

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice shading!

I'm truly honored. Thank you.

This is an interesting image. It has some tention and some twist towards the bizarre somehow. But it also has beauty and definition. I like that. You really got some good shading on some parts, and the overall proportions are well handled I think. Nice!

I really think you should've finished the arm though, added a hand. Its almost never good to let something fade out to nothing, It irritates the eye. The eye wants to see the hand, but its not there, the lines just fade out. Especially since its on the end of a long shape. I don't think the head is not as badly missed though, the destrinct line on the upper part of the torso handles that, without it looking too unnatural. I actually think this wouldnt be as interesting if you had drawn the head.

Overall a nice piece. Welcome to the portal!

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NayNayMistro responds:

Thank you very much as long as i get helpful reviews i will continue to draw. Thank you for being an inspiration. :)

Bandit Bandit

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Unfinished sketch.

This is a semi-good attempt at drawing a character. Too bad the only thing you know how to handle is shading, but with no conceptual idea of how lighting works that doesn't take you very far I'm afraid. Study some lighting.

The only part of this that is appealing to me is the belt, it's actually quite nice, it has some weight to it and it feels like its hanging there.

The feet are missing. Study some anatomy.

I would love to have seen some anatomy take further than the clay molding-look. Or atleast some definate modelling of the body, it's very flat at the moment, I can't even make out if he's soppused to be skinny or built, or maybe just a little bit unexercised? Study some more anatomy.

I can't understand what kind of weapon it is in his hand either. It could be a revolver, but I assume that you would have taken some time to learn how a revolver looks like before drawing one, seeing how you know how to tell others about this concept. Google the word "revolver".

The pose is interesting in its own way. I can't understand why he would stand like that. The effect it has on the character is, in my eyes, giving him a confused, weak look, maybe he's mentally ill. Maybe he has a muscular disease. Who knows? Study some poses.

The clothes he's wearing has no folds at all that i can see. are they made out of plastic or wood or something? Interesting kind of armor, I give you that.

The background is a bit bland, not very interesting at all. Allthough, it might be a snowy day. That would explain the hidden feet though. And his unnatural pose. I do really think it would have been better with a clear sunny day, maybe somewhere were bandits usualy live?

Lastley, i don't know what you are trying to do with the effect on the pants, but you really made my eyes focus on his croutch. Maybe it's some kind of artistic expression that just don't shine all the way through for me, but I just find it pure annoying.

Overall, its a OK sketch, it would be lovely to see something you spent some time on! Thumbs up!

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kr8to responds:

its hella old

redeye01a SM redeye01a SM

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Maybe he's sad 'cause he hate beards?

Its always great to see stuff from you man, each image shows a bit of improvement i think! Its really motivating.

The areas around the eyes are great! Those colors around there could have been applied on some other areas, I think it would bring the image togeather a bit.
I do like your 'scribbly' look, its a great way to see it's a typical bmk, and it adds to the feeling of the pictures. Although, i do think you could work a bit with the underlaying colors before working with the highlights and shadows, you know? Especially in this case, where i think the blue background kind of shines through and disrupts the skin tone in some areas. Although, as AwesomeSaurus said, the blueness adds to the message, but i think it still could bee smoothen up in some places.

Keep at it man!